Meaning of citizen – Type of citizen – Meaning of citizen- Types of citizenship

Meaning of citizen

Meaning of citizen In ancient Greece, a city dweller was called a citizen. At that time there were small city-states in Greece. The person who resides within the limits of the city-state and takes part in the affairs of the state, he was called a citizen. Aristotle said – “A citizen is a person who … Read more

Types of sovereignty-Types of sovereignty internal and external

Types of sovereignty

Types of sovereignty The prevailing types or forms of sovereignty are as follows (1) Real and nominal sovereignty – If the real authority is in the hands of the head of the state, then he is said to be the real ruler. For example, in India and England, the prime minister and the cabinet are … Read more

The meaning of liberalism- meaning of liberalism- Meaning of liberalism in political Science -Meaning of liberalism in political Science-Liberalism theory-Characteristics of liberalism

The meaning of liberalism

The meaning of liberalism Liberal ideology includes many different types of philosophical, political, social and economic theories, so it is impossible to present such a definition of liberalism in which all of them can be included. Liberalism is often considered the opposite of Conservatism. Conservatives are those people who want to uphold the already existing … Read more

Definition of equality-Meaning of equality in political science

Definition of equality

Definition of equality Like liberty, the views of scholars regarding equality are also erroneous. The meaning of equality can be explained in the following way: 1. Ancient Meaning of Equality – In ancient times, there has been a belief that nature has created all human beings equal. The thinkers of the Stoic sect of Greece … Read more

definition of right – the definition of right – Types of rights

definition of right

definition of right There are many nature-given powers in man. But some facilities are required for the development of these powers and their use in the interest of society. On the basis of these facilities a person can develop his/her all-round development. But a person can develop himself only by living in the society, outside … Read more

Definition of liberty – Types of liberty- Liberty definition government

Definition of liberty

Definition of liberty There is probably no such problem in political science in respect of which there is so much difference of opinion among scholars as it appears in relation to freedom. In every age, ordinary people and thinkers have been giving different definitions of freedom according to their intellect and this is the situation … Read more

Meaning of Pluralism- Types of pluralism-Pluralism definition politics

Meaning of Pluralism

Meaning of Pluralisms   Pluralism is not a fixed political doctrine. The term ‘pluralism’ is used for various ideologies that contradict the traditional theory of state domination. There is a great difference in the political views of different pluralists, but they are all unanimous in this that the whole principle of dominance. And especially the … Read more

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