Physics gk questions in Hindi Physics Questions in Hindi Physics Question Answer in Hindi

Physics gk in Hindi

Physics gk  पारसेक इकाई है  Physics gk  दूरी की ल्यूमेन किसका मात्रक है ज्योति फिलिप्स का कैण्डेला मात्रक है ज्योति तीव्रता का मात्रकों की अंतर्राष्ट्रीय पद्धति कब लागू की गई 1971 में एंपियर क्या मापने की इकाई है करेन्ट सदिश राशि है बल ,संवेग, वेग, कोणीय ,वेग ,बल आघूर्ण, संवेग ,विस्थापन आदिश राशि है द्रव्यमान, … Read more

Geography GK in Hindi

Geography GK in Hindi

Geography GK भूगोल का जनक किसे कहा जाता है हिकेटियस वर्तमान भूत की कुंजी है या कथन किसका है जेम्स हटटन आकार के अनुसार सौर मंडल के ग्रहों का अवरोही क्रम है बृहस्पति शनि अरुण वरुण पृथ्वी शुक्र मंगल एवं बुध्द अंतरिक्ष में कुल कितने तारामंडल है 89 किन दो ग्रहों को छोड़कर सभी ग्रह … Read more

Temperature -Temperature converter-Difference in Sunset and temperature


Temperature The amount of heat in a place of an object or place temperature, centigrade or Fahrenheit, is called its temperature. It is measured by a thermometer and Can be displayed in ash on the Fahrenheit scale. The main source of heat on Earth is said to be derived from the Sun. Usually sunset and. … Read more

Atmosphere – Atmosphere meaning – Atmosphere of Earth


atmosphere Atmosphere meaning The atmosphere present on the Earth is one of the factors that makes it possible for human life by giving the Earth a distinct identity from other Grahas. The Wayamandal is a mixture of gases spread over several hundred kilometers in thickness on the Earth. It contains carbon dioxide for the life … Read more

Volcanic eruptions – Effects of volcanic eruption – Volcanic eruption causes

Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions   is a devastating disaster. In this, lava, gas, ash, etc. are released from the ground at a very high temperature with a rapid explosion, which causes poisonous gases like carbon dioxide, carbon mono-oxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, etc. to spread into the atmosphere. The distribution of volcanoes in the world is found in … Read more

Landslide- Types of landslide – Landslide causes and effects – Effects of landslide


Landslide   When there is a fragmentation of any part or all of the land, the slipping or falling of the fragmented part (in whole or dissected blocks) is called ‘landslide’. Landslides are one of the major natural disasters of the world, mainly in the mountainous regions with adequate rainfall. She comes. Landslides are more common … Read more

Earthquake – Earthquake meaning -Earthquake Due to – Side effects of earthquake

Side effects of earthquake

Earthquake meaning Earthquake literally means trembling or shaking of the earth, when the earth suddenly starts vibrating due to the movement in the internal parts of the earth, this phenomenon is called earthquake. There are many types of earthquakes depending on the intensity. Earthquake intensity is measured on the Richter scale. 15% to 20% of … Read more

Nuclear Energy – Nuclear energy meaning- Nuclear power effects

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy meaning The energy obtained as a result of fission of atomic minerals is called Atomic Power. Electricity is created from this energy. Uranium, thorium, beryllium, antimony, plutonium, zirconium, ilmenite, etc. are the main among these nuclear minerals. It is estimated that one kilogram of uranium produces as much energy as 27000 tons of … Read more

Sex Ratio of India

Sex Ratio of India

Sex ratio The sex ratio in India is calculated as the number of females per thousand males. Expressing the composition of the population in this ratio is called the sex ratio. According to the 2011 census, India’s sex ratio is 943, that is, 943 females per 1000 males in India. In terms of sex ratio, … Read more

विश्व की नदियों से संबंधित प्रश्न – विश्व की नदियां-Rivers of the world- विश्व की प्रमुख नदियां

विश्व की नदियां

विश्व की नदियां Rivers of the world अपवाह क्षेत्र की दृष्टि से जो विश्व की सबसे बड़ी नदी है (विश्व की नदियां) अमेजन एशिया में सबसे लंबी नदी है यांग्त्जे Is the longest river in Asia Yangtze In terms of runoff area, which is the world’s largest river Amazon निम्नलिखित नदियों में से कौन-सी विषुवत … Read more

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