Solid Waste Pollution-Solid waste pollution definition- Types of solid waste-Solid waste pollution solutions

Solid Waste Pollution

Solid waste pollution definition Unwanted substances remaining after human consumption, which are direct or indirectly affect the environment, is called solid waste – and this phenomenon is called solid waste pollution. Several tonnes of solid waste are discharged daily by the industries. Apart from this, tons of garbage are dumped in rivers or seas every … Read more

Nuclear Pollution-Nuclear pollution causes-Types of nuclear pollution-Control of nuclear pollution-Nuclear pollution prevention

Nuclear Pollution

Nuclear Pollution Definition Uranium and Thorium are known as the basic minerals of nuclear energy. Even a small amount of these minerals produces a lot of energy. This energy is produced using high quality techniques, but sometimes due to mismanagement or disorder in a nuclear powered plant, a catastrophic explosion or accident also occurs. Nuclear … Read more

Plant Hormones – Types of plant hormones and their functions

Plant Hormones

Plant Hormones Plant hormones are complex organic substances. The trees that form in the plants at certain places. And from there they are transferred to different parts of plants through vascular tissue and control their growth and metabolic activities. The word hormone means stimulating substance Types of plant hormones Types of plant hormones and their … Read more

Organic Fertilizer – Methods of composting organic fertilizers

Organic Fertilizer

organic fertilizer Organic matter used in organic form is called organic manure. The decomposition used for nutrition and growth in the plant kingdom is called manure. Fertilizers are chemicals used in agriculture to increase yields that are used to aid in the growth of trees. These chemicals, which dissolve quickly in water, are used by … Read more

Organic farming-Types of organic farming-Organic farming UPSC

Organic farming

Organic farming Introduction of organic farming It is such a technology of production in which no chemical fertilizers, chemical insecticides, chemical growth regulators are used. In organic farming, only organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, organic herbicides are used. In vegetables, 5 – 7.5 ton hectare vermi compost is used. In fruit plants, 5 kg of saplings … Read more

manures and fertilizers- Types of manure-Manures and fertilizers difference

Manures and fertilizers

manures and fertilizers Types of manure There are four types of manures and fertilizers. cow dung compost manure green manure chemical fertilizers classification of fertilizers Massive organic manures – Contains high amount of substances and less amount of nutrients. They have to be used in large quantities. Like cow dung compost,  dirty drain manure. Concentration … Read more

soil Conservation – Meaning of Soil Conservation -Survey of Soil Erosion

soil Conservation

soil Conservation Meaning of Soil Conservation Crops can be grown in the soil only as long as the soil has fertile potential. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the fertility of the soil, the measures taken to maintain the fertility of the soil and prevent soil erosion are called ‘soil conservation’. need for soil conservation … Read more

soil erosion -Types of soil erosion -Soil erosion causes

soil erosion

soil erosion The upper surface of the land moves from one place to another due to water or wind. This is called soil erosion or soil erosion. Too much happens in such a desert. Because there the soil moves from one place to another with the wind. In such a place where there is any … Read more

soils of India – Types of soils in India – What is soil – Alluvial soil

soils of India

soil structure what is humus Types of soil soil of India Alluvial soil black soil red and yellow clay laterite soil dry soil saline soil peaty soil bun clay acidic soil and alkaline soil soil erosion type Nitrogen. stabilization process. What is soil? The fine soil having granular particles on the ground is called. It … Read more

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