Role of prime minister – role description

Role of prime minister 

Prominent Political Scientists and Constitutionalists  given in reference to the role of the Prime Minister of Britain

 Lord Morley– He describes and describes the Prime Minister as ‘the first among equals’ and ‘the cornerstone of the cabinet dome’. The head of the cabinet is the first among his counterparts and as long as he remains he deserves the position of an unusual and distinguished authority.”

According to Herbert Morrison – “The Prime Minister is the head of the government and as the general public, there is little to praise the office of the Prime Minister of today.”

Sir William Werner Harcourt has called the Prime Minister “a little moon among the stars”.

According to Jennings – “The prime minister is like the sun around which the planets revolve. He is the architect of the constitution. All the paths of the constitution lead to the prime minister.”

H.J. Laski – in reference to the relationship between the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, has said that “the Prime Minister is at the center of the Cabinet’s formation, its lifetime, and the process of its dissolution.”

Laski has described the Prime Minister as the pivot around which the government machinery revolves.

According to H. R. G. Greaves, “The government is the master of the country and the prime minister is the master of the government.”

Munro has described the Prime Minister as the “Captain of the State Ship”.

Ramsey Moore has described the Prime Minister as “the driver of the steering wheel of a state ship”.
In Britain’s parliamentary system of government (or cabinet government), the role of the prime minister has become so important that observers have referred to this government as a ‘Prime Minister-oriented government’. In this sequence, RH Crosman says that “in the post-war period, the cabinet government has been replaced by a prime minister-oriented government.

Similarly, Humphrey Berkeley says that “Parliament is no longer dominated. Parliamentary democracy has ceased to exist at Best minster. The main drawback of the British system of governance is the super-ministerial powers vested in the Prime Minister.” This statement also holds true in the Indian context.

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