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Today, millions of computers have Internet access and these computers communicate with each other 24X7. Internet provides with a host of services. Some of the popular services provided by the Internet are Email, online chat, video conferencing, file transferring etc.


Social networking today refers to a people sharing their ideas, thoughts, activities, events, pictures through the Internet. Many social networking websites are popular today and they can be seen as an online community of users of the Internet. Every user of a social networking site has a profile which contains information about him. Users can also invite other people to join the site. Some examples of such sites are LinkedIn, Facebook etc.


Nowadays, micro blogging is becoming very popular in which users communicate their thoughts and ideas through short posts which are sent via SMS, emails, digital audio, web and other online mediums. Twitter and Tumblr are examples of such services. popularly known as Twitter allows users to send and receive text messages in the form of short posts with a maximum length of 140 characters. These messages are known as tweets.

A person havit tweets of the your account name also fe
having a twitter account can follow other twitter members. A follower of the people he is following on his twitter page. Also other twitter user other twitter members. A follower receives all count to view your tweets on their pages. Twitter witter page. Also, other twitter users can follow pages. Twitter has become very popular and its so features among the top ten most visited sites of the world. It has also or the world. It has also been called the “Internet SMS”.


An area for discussion on a website which allows people with similar interests to share ideas and information is called a Forum. In a forum, people can send and recieve messages and reply to messages posted by others on a variety of subjects in real time. We can find forums concentrating on many topics such as Music, religion, sports, health etc. A user must register himself on the website to become a member of the forum and when the person
is allowed membership, he can set his username   and password. After successful registration, user post to the forum as well as view posts of other members. forum and chat room are not the same. This is because in a chat room, people usually chat at the same time while in a forum, messages can be read and navigated through at the user’s convenience. phpBB and FUD are some popular forums.


A collection of hardware, networks, storage, interfaces and services joined together to deliver various services over a network or the Internet is called a cloud. Email, web conferencing are some applications that run in cloud. You may have heard of GoogleDocs, Dropbox etc which are some free or low cost online cloud storage for users. We can use cloud computing to change, configure or access online applications. Also, cloud computing has resulted in a decrease in instances of copyright violations and piracy because users can now access authentic content by paying very little in a very secure and confidential manner.


 Microsoft offers an online storage facility which is called One Drive. One drive was earlier called sky drive and was renamed in 2014 to One Drive to signify that it is a single place where one can store all their data, pictures and videos completely free of cost. It also allows users to choose which files they want to keep private, make public or share with their contacts.

The region where users upload and synchronise data to cloud storage is protected by a password. Initially, 25 GB of space was made available to the user for storage but was reduced to 7GB in 2012. In September 2013, Microsoft started offering premium storage plans to increase the storage space.

E-GREETINGS A greeting card with your wishes which can be sent to a friend or relative via the Internet is called an E-Greeting. Some popular sites which provide facility of sending E-Greetings are: www.123greetings. com,, www.archiesonline. come etc.

You can follow the steps below to send an E-greeting:

Step 1: Go to any E-greeting site, say
card site- www.123

Step 2: Click on any of the occasion tabs, say Birthday
Step 3: Choose from the multitude of options of
card designs and click on the card you like.

Step 4: You will see a new screen on which you can press the Play button and view the animation and musical effects of the card.

Step 5: Give the email address and other details of the sender. Write a personalised message and specify recepients details at the end of the message box.

Step 6: Choose the Customise and send this E-card option and you will see that a new web page appears.

Step 7: You may also preview you animation by clicking on Preview

Step 8: Click on Send. your friend will receive an E-mail containing the link of the e-greeting web page. He or she can simply click on the link to view the card.


E-MAIL stands for Electronic mail and refers to sending and receiving text ba the Internet. Like you need a postal address for sending a letter you to sending and receiving text based messages unique E-mail address so that
s for sending a letter, you need the receiver’s so that you can tell the computer where the mail has to be sent. Likewise, you must have an email address to send an email.
An email address has two parts and a ‘@'(at) symbol in between and it cannot contain spaces. Eg:[email protected]

USER NAME: This is the name of the user’s email account and can be the actual na user, his company’s name or anything else.

DOMAIN NAME: This consists of the place where the user’s account is on the inte is followed by a dot(.) and type of organisation.

Many sites like, etc provide users with free email ac facility.

You have already learnt about creating an account and sending and receiving mails. let now learn about maintaining a huge list of our contacts.

More to know

The same mall can be sent to a large number of receivers by simply writing all receiver’s addresses in the To box with commas between different addresses

Adding a New Contact

If you have many friends and relatives to which you send emails, it is very difficult for you to remember everyone’s email addresses. However, you don’t have to worry because every email provider site also makes available an address book where you can store all your contact addresses. Follow the steps given below to add a new contact:

Step 1: Go to the top left panel and click on the Mail arrow. Choose Contacts from the options displayed.
Step 2: Click on New Contact.
Step 3: You will see that a form appears. In this form, enter the name, company,
email address etc of your contact.
Step 4: Click on Save now to add the contact to your address book.
Step 5: It is also possible to add fields for entering information by choosing the Add option.

services of the internet

 Editing the Contact Details

It is also possible to change the contact information of a saved contact provided by you whenever needed. Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Click on the top left panel and choose Contacts after logging into your email account.
Step 2: Choose the contact whose details need to be changed.
Step 3: Change the old details as required.

Step 4: Click on Save now to save the changes.

Delete a contact

When a contact is not needed any more, you can delete it from you contacts book. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your contacts list.

Step 2: Choose the contact you want to delete and click on it.
Step 3: Click on the More drop-down arrow.

Step 4: Choose the Delete contact option.

services of the internet


It is also possible to store one type of contacts together by forming a group. For instance, you can create a group named family which consists of email addresses of all your family members. Similarly, you can create a group friends for your friends’ ids and colleagues for you office colleagues etc. Follow the steps below:

step 1: Go to the Contacts list and click on the Groups tab.
Step 2: A list will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Choose the Create New option.

Step 4: A new dialog box will appear in
which you can enter the name of the New Group

Step 5: Click OK.

services of the internet

More to know

You may have noticed that some browser windows containing advertisements open automatically when you are browsing on the Internet. These extra windows are called pop ups.

Quick Brush Up

A group of contacts can be formed which can then be stored under a name given by you. Example: family group, friends etc.

Face book and LinkedIn are social networking sites.

In micro blogging, users communicate their thoughts and ideas through short posts which are sent via SMS, emails, digital audio, web etc.
A collection of hardware, networks, storage, interfaces and services joined together to deliver various services over a network or the Internet is called a cloud.

You can store all email addresses of your contacts in a Contacts book provided in your email account.

services of the internet

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services of the internet

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