UPSC History Books – UPSC world History Books

UPSC History Books

Division Of History

  • Ancient History

  • Medieval History

  • Modern History

  • World History

1. Ancient History

Book – India’s Ancient  Author By – R.S Sharma.

  • History in chronological order with Facts and Figures is covered.

  • At the very starting it discuss about the significance of Ancient Indian History, origin and growth of cilisations, empire and religions. 

  • Period of Mauryas, Satvahanas, Guptas, Harshavardhana, Central Asian countries are also analysed.

  • Also, focus on Varna system trade development in science.



2. Medieval History

Book- 1

Book – Medieval History India Author By – Satish Chandra

  • This book gives you great knowledge about medieval period and covers the historical landscape of the Indian subcontinent over a period of a thousand years, between the eight and eighteenth century A.D.

  • The book covers the beginning, growth and fall of several dynasty including Cholas, Rajputs Vijayanagra Kings, Bahmanids, Maratha etc.

  • Intense research of archived documents, coins monuments, books, traveller’s accounts and other source are covered.



Book – 2

Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India Author by JL Mehta

  1. 1st volume covers 1000 – 1526.

  2. 2nd volume cover Mughal Empire from 1526 – 1707.

  3. 3rd volume focuses on Medieval Indian Society and Culture.

Note – Second best part of this book.

3. Modern History

Two Books Author By Bipan Chandra.

  • Indian state and Society in the 18th century.

  • Religious and social Reform after 1858.

  • The struggle for Sawaraj.

  • The Nationalist movement.

  • European Penetration and the British Conquest.

  • Social and culture Awakening in the First Half of the nineteenth century.

  • The decline of the Mughal Empire.

Book – 1


Book- 2


Book- 3

Modern History Author By – S.K Pandey


4. World History

Book – World History of the world Author by Arjun Dev and Indira Arjun Dev.

  • American Civil right movements.

  • Events are covered in chronological form.

  • Black people’s struggle for equality in the US.

  • The anti – imperialist and Nationalist movements in Asia and Africa.

  • The formation of the United Nation.

  • The cold war and the construction of the unipolar world etc.

UPSC History Books


UPSC History Books

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UPSC History Books

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