Cause of World War I – Causes of World War 1 Essay

Cause of World War I

Cause of World War I
Cause of World War I

First World War on 28 July 1914 to November 11, 1918

World War I lasted for about 4 years 3 months 11 days

A total of 37 countries participated in the First World War

Place – Asia Europe Africa

medium water land and sky

First World War is also known as the great war

First World War was fought between powers and allied countries

Allied included powerful countries such as France, Russia and the UK

After the year 1917, the United States also joined the war from Allied countries

Germany Austria Hungary Automon Empire and Bulgaria etc. were in major countries involved in central powers.

Cause of World War I

There was no incident or one reason for the first world war towards World War I, but there were many reasons

Whose serial disclosure forced the other world to withstand this terrible tragedy

Germany’s new international expansion plaintiff policy

In the year 1890, Germany’s new Emperor Wilhelm II started an international who tried to convert Germany as a world power.  It was the result that other countries of the world have seen Germany as an emerging threat, due to which the international situation became unstable

Mutual defense collaboration

The entire European nations have made a defense agreement and commitment to mutual cooperation. These treaties had a straightforward meaning that if the enemy is attacked on any of the nations of Europe, then the associate nations to protect the said nation will have to come forward.

triple alliance 

The Treaty of 1882 combines Germany to Austria Hungary and Italy

triple entente 

It was affiliated to Britain France and Russia, which ended until the year 1907 It was affiliated to Britain France and Russia, which ended until the year 1907 


Before World War, some parts of Africa and Asia were the subject of dispute between European countries due to availability of raw materials. When Germany and Italy joined this colonial race, very less likely for their expansion .

The result was that these countries adopted a new policy of colonial expansion

This policy was coercive authority over colonization of other nations should resemblance to its position cause  to the desire of increasing competition and more embroidery, the central collision of European countries increased which helped to push the world towards World War I

Thus, Morocco and Bosenai also promoted the competition between England and Germany.

With the aim of increasing its impact area, Germany has made Begin Baghdad railway route plans, along with England, France and Russia have opposed it.

Because of which there was more increase in bitterness


– After entering the 20th century, the race for arms was started in the world. More increased in 1914 Both Great Britain and Germany have increased significantly in their navy This increased towards militarism helped increase the countries involved in the war and beyond

Bosnia and Herzegovina

 – Slavic people living in Austria did not want to be part of Hungary Rather they wanted to join Serbia and to a great extent, the result of their desire started the first world war  In this way nationalism caused war Russia believed that if Islam becomes independence from the Austria Hungary and Turkey, then it will be the reason that Russia has emphasized the All Slavic or the Unclublic movement, it is clear from Russia and Austria in the relationship between Hungary. I There are many more examples that have raised the feelings of nationalism, making relationships in a stressful situation, such an example is the only one example.

Lack of an influential international institution 

There was no such institution present in the first world war, which can help in strengthening the relationship between different nations by controlling imperialism and fierce nationalism. At that time almost every nation of the world was making its arbitrariness, which led to this type of chaotic situation in Europe’s politics.

Then reason 

Murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand 

In June 1914, when Australia was visiting Sarajevo in the successor of the throne of the throne of Hungary, Sarajevo was shot dead in Bosinyai. A Serbian person who had to think that due to Australia, Serbia should control Bosinai or murdered Archduke

From this all Europe has come into sign

survey  to respond to this incident in Austria

Austria warned the survey that he clears his position in terms of this incident within 48 hours.  But Serbia rejected the demand of Austria As a result, on July 28, 1914, Austria announced the war against Serbia. Seeing the other nation of the world also came into support of its own group and went to war. In this war, along with Russia announced the war because Germany and Austria were the middle treaty of Hungary After this, Britain announced the war with Germany because Britain had invaded the Belize, while Britain was committed to protect both the Ballism and France countries. 

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Cause of World War I

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