chinese revolution questions and answers -Questions on Chinese Revolution

chinese revolution questions and answers 

When did the Manchu dynasty fall?

in 1911 AD

Who was the hero of the Chinese Revolution in 1911 AD?

Sun Yat-sen

Who founded the Tung-Meng Party??

In 1905,  Sun Yat-sen

What was the purpose of Tung-Meng Party?

Ending the rule of the Manchu dynasty in China

Whom did the Chinese revolutionaries choose to head their government on December 29, 1911?

to Sun Yat-sen

Who was the founder of Covenant League Society?

Sanayat Sen 

When was the republic system established in China?

After the revolution of 1911 AD

Who withdrew his leadership in support of Yuan Shih Kai?

by  Sun Yat-sen

Who founded the Kuomintang Party?

In 1912 AD,  Sun Yat-sen

Whom did Sen invite for the reorganization of this party?

to Michael Borodin

Whom did Sun Yat-sen choose for the organization of his army?

to General Galen

What were the three principles of Sun Yat-sen

Nationalism, Democracy and Social Justice

Who is called the father of the nation of China?

to  Sun Yat-sen

When did  Sun Yat-sen die?

In 1925 AD

Who took over the leadership of the Kuomintang Party after Sen’s death?

Chiang Kai-shek in 1926 AD

When did the communists break away from the Kuomintang party?

in 1927 AD

When did the civil war start in China?

in 1928 AD

Who led Hunan’s huge peasant movement in 1925 AD?

Mao Zedong

When was Mao Zedong born?

In Hunan in 1893 AD

Where did Chiang Kai-shek take over the power of the central government?

in Nanking

chinese revolution questions and answers 

Where did Chiang Kai-shek set up his government?

in formosa

Who formed the Blue Shirt Terrorist Party?

Chiang Kai-shek to suppress the communists

When was the People’s Republic of China established?

In October 1, 1949 AD under the leadership of Mao Zedong

Who was the first president of the Communist Republic of China

Mao Zedong

Who was the first prime minister of the People’s Republic of China


What was the capital of the People’s Republic of China


Where was the open door policy adopted?

in china

Who is credited with opening the gates of China?

to Britain

Who was the exponent of the Open Door Policy?

john hey

Which country is known as the ‘Patient of Asia’?


When was the Communist Party of China founded?

1921 AD

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