unification of italy questions and answers- Unification of Italy in points

unification of italy questions and answers

How many states were there in Italy in the first half of the 19th century


Who is the father of unification of Italy

Joseph Mazzini

where was Mazzini born

in Geneva

Who was the biggest obstacle in the unification of Italy?


Who led the unification of Italy

Sardinia Piedmont State

What made the Italian problem an international problem?

Count Cabur

What is called the sword of unification of Italy


Who is credited with the unification of Italy?

Mazzini, Count Cabur and Garibaldi. ‘

Who founded ‘Young Italy’?

Joseph Mazzini in 1831 AD

Who organized the army under the name ‘Lalkurti’?

by Garibaldi

Who was the founder of ‘Carbonary Society’?


Where was Victor Emmanuel?


With the union of which states did the unification of Italy begin?

Combining the states of Lombardy and Sardinia

When is the birth of the nation of Italy considered

On April 2, 1860 AD.

Which was declared the capital of United Italy

Rome in 1871.

If a revolution is to be brought in the society, then give the leadership of the revolution in the hands of the youth,” whose statement is this.

of Joseph Mazzini

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unification of italy questions and answers

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