unification of Germany questions and answers

unification of Germany questions and answers 

Who unified Germany?

By Bismarck

Who was Bismarck?

Prime Minister of Prussian ruler William I

Which was the most powerful state of Germany?


Under whose leadership did Bismarck want the unification of Germany?


When did the German Federation crown William?

February 8, 1871 AD.

What was Bismarck most afraid of?

From France

Who is considered the messenger of nationality in Germany?

To Napoleon Bonaparte

Who is considered the father of German economic nationalism?

to Frederick List

What was the German National Assembly known as?

Of Diet

Where was the diet?

In Frankfurt

When did Austrian rule over the German Empire be established?

Between 1815 AD to 1850 AD

Who was the Chancellor of Austria?


Which philosophers played an important role in the unification of Germany?

Rake, Bomer and Basar etc.

When was the Frankfurt Constituent Assembly formed?

In May 1848 AD |

Who were the Defense Minister and Commander of Prussia during the reign of William-I respectively?

Wanrun and Van Maltek

When did Bismarck become the Chancellor of Prussia?

In September 1862 AD

Where was Bismarck born?

In 1815 AD in Bredenburg

What did William-I say to Bismarck?


Between whom was the battle of Sarajevo fought?

Between Austria and Prussia in 1866 AD

Who was defeated in the Battle of Sarajevo?

O f Prasha

Under which treaty did Austria join the German Union?

Prague Treaty in August 1866 AD

Between whom did the war of sedans take place?

Between France and Prussia in 1870 AD

When did Napoleon-III surrender to Prussia?

September 1870 AD

Where did Bismarck coronate Emperor William II of Germany?

in the palace of Versailles

Between whom was the Treaty of Frankfurt signed?

Between France and Prussia in May 1871 AD

After which war was the unification of Germany possible?

war of sedans

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unification of Germany questions and answers

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