Renaissance Questions And Answers – Questions on Renaissance in English literature

Renaissance Questions And Answers

where did the renaissance begin

Italy from the city of Florence

Who is considered the forerunner of the Renaissance?

to the great Italian poet Dante

Who wrote the poem Divine Comedy?

Dante in Tuscan language

Who is described by Dante in the Divine Comedy?

of an imaginary journey to heaven and hell

Who was the second person after Dante to foster the spirit of the Renaissance?


Who is considered the founder of humanism


Where was Petrock from?


Who is considered the father of modern political philosophy?


What is the famous book of Machiavelli

the prince

In whose works the full expression of the spirit of the Renaissance is found

Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo and Raphael

Who is the author of immortal paintings named The Last Supper and Monalisa?

Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Judgment and Fruit of Man are by Michelangelo.


By whom are the paintings made in the ceiling of the cathedral of Sistan?

by Michelangelo

Who is considered the father of painting in the Renaissance period?


Who was the best essayist of the Renaissance period?

Francis Bacon of England

Who wrote the book The Prince of Folly

Erasmus of Holland

Who wrote the book Utopia?

English writer Thomas Moore

Who translated the Bible into the German language?

by martin luther

Whose work is Romeo and Juliet


Where was Shakespeare from?


Who is considered the father of modern experimental science?

England’s Roger Bacon

Who was the first to deny that the Earth is the center of the solar system?

Copernicus of Poland

Who supported the theory of Copernicus?


Who was the first to tell how the planets revolve around the Sun?

German’s Kepler

Who discovered the law of gravity?


When did the religious reform movement start?

in the sixteenth century

Who was the originator of the religious reform movement?

Martin Luther

Where did the religious reform movement start?


Who is called the morning star of the religious reform movement?

John Viklik

What were his followers called?

low lords

who discovered america

Christopher Columbus

America got its name after whom?

Amerigo Vespucci (Italy)

Who has named the Pacific Ocean?

Magellan from Spain

Who first used the word socialism?

Robert Oven by

Who is considered the spokesperson of idealistic socialism?

Robert Owen

Where was Owen from?


Who was the founder of Scientific Socialism?

Karl Marx

Renaissance Questions And Answers

Where was Karl Marx from?


Who wrote the book Das Capital and Communist Manifesto?

Carl Makars by

Who is considered the leader of French Communism?

Saint Simon

Who led the Fabian Socialism?

George Bernard Shaw

When was Fabian Socialism founded?

in London in 1884

Who gave the slogan of ‘Workers of the world united’?

Carl Makars by

Renaissance Questions And Answers

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Renaissance Questions And Answers

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