Hydrosphere question answer-Hydrosphere test Questions

 Hydrosphere question answer

What are collectively called the large oceans, seas and other water bodies covering about 71% of the Earth’s surface.


What percentage of the total water body present on Earth comes in the oceans?


What is the total volume of ocean water

1.4 billion cubic km

Water vaporizes by insolation and changes into

water vapour

What is this action of water called?


What is the free heat of condensation called

Latent Heat

The water vapor in the atmosphere cools and condenses into

Microscopic Particles of Water

What are these tiny particles of water made of?


The circulation of water between hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere is called

The water cycle

What is the amount of moisture present in a certain volume of air?
Is called

The amount of moisture in a certain volume of air at a given temperature is called

Absolute humidity

The ratio of the moisture capacity and the actual amount of water vapor present in a certain volume of air at a given temperature. what say

Relative humidity

What is the ratio of the mass of vapor found in air called?

specific humidity

What is the process of changing water vapor into water called


What is the temperature at which the air becomes saturated called?

dew point

less than the humidity of the air coming in contact with the cold surface at night Trees and plants sit on the ground and other things in the form of water points, what are these water points called.

dew |

How does condensed snow originate on the surface?

progressive freezing of frost layers by frost rain

Where does frost fall more?

. in the valleys and plains

What is the continuous circulation of water from the oceans to the atmosphere, then from the atmosphere to the lithosphere and from the lithosphere to the oceans again?

hydrologic cycle

How much of all the moisture in the biosphere is in the form of underground water.


What is the water that slowly seeps into the ground called?

well water

What is the process of water seeping into the ground in this way called?


On what does the water holding capacity of rocks depend?

size of stomata

What are the two classes of rocky materials?

porosity, permeability

The water which seeps down through the joints and crevices of rocks by rain and snow, is called

sky water

What is the water located in the holes and vents of sedimentary rocks deposited in lakes and seas called?

natural water

What is the bed of permeable and porous rocks filled with underground water called?

saturation level

What is the name of the water in the underground area under which the rocky materials are saturated with water?

ground water level

What is a naturally perceptible stream flowing from the bottom of a river, lake or ocean called?

source of water

What is the imperceptible stream of water that emerges on the surface called?

Water Source

What is it called when the water from the spring flows continuously.

perennial water fountain

The hot water flowing from the surface, which seeps into the hot volcanic rocky areas or the very deep part of the earth, is called what.

intermittent water fountain

water springs from which hot water and water vapor stream at regular intervals It keeps coming out, what are they called?

How big is this stream of water vapor (geyser)?

few cm to hundreds of meters

Where there is no lava appellation from recent volcanic action, what is found there.


What are the main regions of position of geysers?

Yellow Stone National Park (USA), North Island and Islands of New Zealand

What is geyser water like in general?

Alkaline (Silicated)

Who has said that the sun is a huge engine that generates winds, ocean currents, different seasons on the surface


Hydrosphere question answer

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