French Revolution questions and answers-

French Revolution questions and answers

French Revolution

When did the French state revolution take place?

-1789 AD during the reign of Louis 16th

When is ‘National Day’ celebrated in France?

-14 on July

Who gave the slogan of equality, liberty and fraternity?

– French state revolution

I am the state and my words are the law”, whose statement is this.

– of Louis XIV

Who built the Sheesh Mahal of Versailles?

-Louis XIV

Who made Versailles the capital of France

-Lee the fourteenth

When did Louis XVI ascended the throne of France?

in -1774 AD

Who was the wife of Louis XVI?

– Princess Marie Elvanette of Austria

For what crime was Louis XVI hanged?

– in treason

What was the tally?
– land tax

Who contributed the most to the French Revolution?

– Voltaire, Montesquieu and Rousseau

Who was Voltaire against?

– of the church

Who was the supporter of democratic government system in France?

– Rousseau

Whose statement is this, ‘It is better to rule one lion than a hundred rats’.

– Voltaire’s

Who wrote the ‘Social Contract’?

– Rousseau’s

Whose composition is ‘Letters on English’?

– Voltaire’s

Whose creation is the ‘Spirit of Law’?

– Montesquieu’s

When did the session of the States General begin?

– May 5, in 1789 AD

To whom is the decimal system of measurement and weight given?

– of France
Who is called the father of cultural nationalism?

to herder

when was napoleon born

August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, the capital of the island of Corsica

When did Napoleon end Austrian dominance in Italy?

in 1796 AD

What was the name of Napoleon’s father?

-Carlo Bonaparte

where did napoleon get his education

at the British Military Academy

When did the rule of the Directory come to an end in France?

in 1799 AD

When did napoleon become first consul

in 1799 AD

When did napoleon become emperor of france

in 1804 AD

Who is known as the builder of modern France

to napoleon

Who first called England the ‘Land of Baniyas’?


Whom did Napoleon marry after divorcing Jozekine.

From Princess Morea Louisa of Austria

Between whom did the battle of Trafalgar take place?

England and Napoleon in October 21, 1805

Who founded the Bank of France

Napoleon in 1800 AD

Who prepared the collection of laws


what are these collections called

Napoleon’s Code

What did Napoleon have to defeat in the Battle of the Nile?

from Nelson

Where did the nations of Europe together defeat Napoleon?

In 1813 AD at a place called Leipzig

Where was Napoleon imprisoned and sent

on the island of elba

When did the Allied forces finally defeat Napoleon?

In the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815

Where was Napoleon imprisoned in the Battle of Waterloo?

on St. Helena’s Island

when did napoleon die

in 1821 AD

By what other name is Napoleon also known?

Little Corporal

What was the main reason for the downfall of Napoleon?

its invasion of russia

What did Napoleon do to boycott the commerce and trade of England?

Origin of continental system

Under which agreement the nations of Europe ended the domination of France

Vienna Congress Agreement in 1815 AD

French Revolution questions and answers

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French Revolution questions and answers

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