Types of cells- How many types of cells are there- Main types of cells

Types of cells prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

On the basis of the complexity of the nucleus, there are two types of cells .Simple composition comprising  prokaryotic cells and complex structure of eukaryotic cells

prokaryotic cells

Bacteria and blue-green algae are examples of prokaryotic cells. They have the following characteristics.

fundamental unit of life

  • 1.There is no nuclear membrane around the nucleus
  • 2. The nucleus is made up of deoxyribonucleic acid DNA to which proteins are not paired and there is no nucleus around it. This type of formation is called nucleoid oxide. DNA molecules are freely lying in the cytoplasm. RNA molecules in the cytoplasm are found
  • 3. Important components of chromosomes in eukaryotic cells Basic Protein that histones are not in Prokaryotic cells.
  • 4. No mitochondria, chloroplasts, golji bodies and lysosomes

cell types

Eukaryotic cells  

These are cells with a complex structure in which the nucleus is made up of DNA and basic proteins. These Nuklio protein fibers are made of mesh which ensures nucleus membrane around it. Cell organelles like mitochondria, chloroplasts, Golgi bodies, and lysosomes are present in the cytoplasm.

Types of cells

Differences Between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells 

S.N Features 

Prokaryotic cell

Eukaryotic cell

1 cell wall made from amino acids Found in plant cells, it is made from cellulose
2 centroid fully developed nucleus absent Fully developed structured nucleus present
3 Centroid Art absent Present
4 nucleus absent Present
5 chromosome Composed of only one molecule of DNA. There are no histones. DNA + is made up of histone proteins
6 DNA located in the cell located in the nucleus
7 endoplasmic reticulum absent Present
8 mitochondria absent Present
9 chloroplast absent only in plant cells
10 ribosome 70 s types 80 S TYPES
11 Rasdani absent only in plant cells
12 cell division The Asutri Type Mitosis and the Ardhsutri type
13 Example blue green algae by bacteria All animal and plant cells Fungus and protist cells

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