who discovered the cell- Who discovered the cell for the first time

who discovered the cell

The word cell is derived from the Latin word cellula. It means ‘a small closet’. Plant cells look like a cell when viewed under a compound microscope. Robert Hooke (1665) used the word cell for the first time when he studied the selection of cork.

serial number Year Scientist Search
1 1665 Robert hook Thin pieces of cork were observed under a microscope and the structures resembling the cells of a bee hive were named cells.
2 1670 Leeuwenhoek A cell animals, which by microscope plants and bacteria.
3 1671 Marcello Malpighi plant cells have been studied
4 1710 Wilson Created the compound microscope that is used today in laboratories
5 1838 Matthias Schleiden The cell theory of plants was presented.
6 1839 Theodorsavan Animal rendering cell theory based on cells
7 1932 Naal and Ruska Electron microscope invented
8 1940 Se Aage Studied the complex structure of Koshikango

cell theory

Mathias Schleiden (1838) and Theodor wvan (1839) propounded the cell theory. The main features of the cell theory are

  • Cells are the structural units of living beings. All organisms are made up of one or more cells.
  • Cell is the unit of metabolic activities.
  • Cells are also the unit of heredity.
  • New cells per Viracho 1855, only predecessor made the division of cells

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who discovered the cell

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