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Nuclear Pollution Definition

Uranium and Thorium are known as the basic minerals of nuclear energy. Even a small amount of these minerals produces a lot of energy. This energy is produced using high quality techniques, but sometimes due to mismanagement or disorder in a nuclear powered plant, a catastrophic explosion or accident also occurs. Nuclear disasters also come from the waste of nuclear power plants and from leakages from reactors. Russia’s Chernobyl accident, America’s Three Marl Island incident and Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant accident are examples, in which thousands of people were affected.

Causes to nuclear/nuclear explosion disaster

Following are the major causes of nuclear/nuclear explosion disaster

  •  Causes to human error, technical inefficiency, mismanagement or disorder, radioactive materials leak into nuclear plants.
  •   Natural calamities; For example,-  due to tsunami or earthquake, radioactive materials are radiated from nuclear plants.
  •  The use of nuclear material in war, such as the atomic bomb used by the US on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Effects of Nuclear/Nuclear Explosion Disaster

Following are the major side effects of nuclear/nuclear explosion disaster

  1.   In such disasters, the radioactive substances whose radiation is spread can cause cancer, heart disease, asthma and genetic disorders in the coming generation.
  2.   Nuclear explosions cause serious long-term effects on air, water, land and the environment.
  3.   The local ecosystem is also badly affected.

Measures to reduce the ill effects of nuclear/nuclear explosion disaster

Types of nuclear pollution

Following are the major measures to reduce the side effects of nuclear/nuclear explosion disaster.

  •   Efforts are required to be made at the international level for the disarmament of nuclear weapons.
  •  Management of the safe use of radioactive materials in nuclear plants operated for human use is essential.

Nuclear Pollution

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Nuclear Pollution

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