Environmental pollution-effects of environmental pollution- Causes to environmental pollution

Environmental pollution Essay

The word environment is made up of two words ‘pari’ and ‘avar’ of Hindi language. The word ‘pari’ means to surround and ‘cover’ means to cover or encircle, i.e., the word ‘environment’ literally means covering or enclosing all around, including earth, water, air, sky, flora and fauna. Animals etc come. Thus, “environment is everything that surrounds an object and has a direct effect on it.”

Environmental Pollution

Environment is a nature-given factor, in which various components are in mutual balance. The change in the balance of various components or elements present in the natural environment, which has an adverse effect on human life, is called environmental pollution. Environmental pollution affects different areas of the environment – ​​air, water, noise, soil, underground sources etc.

According to Odom, “Pollution is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water, air and soil, which in a harmful way affects human life, other organisms, industrial institutions, living conditions and cultural heritage or damages natural resources”. can destroy.”

Causes to environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is a serious and widespread problem in itself. Human society is mainly responsible for environmental pollution. As human beings have developed multilaterally in the world, in the same way they have affected the natural environment.

There are many reasons for environmental pollution, but the main reason among them is the following.

1. Industrialization is one of the main causes of acute environmental pollution. Burning of fuel in industrial establishments causes air pollution. At the same time, the emission of industrial effluents causes pollution of water and soil and noise pollution of machines of industries, it is helpful in spreading. As a result of rapid industrialization, pollution is increasing rapidly everywhere in the world.

2. Urbanization As a result of urbanization, the settlement of a large part of the population in urban areas is one of the main causes of pollution. Establishment of various industries in urban areas, excessive consumption of water, increasing use of transport means etc. have contributed significantly in increasing pollution.

3. Removal of domestic sewage and foul smell due to open defecation in residential areas and increase in air, water and soil pollution by sewage.

4. Use of household detergents Many detergents used in the household; For example, soaps, detergents etc. get dissolved in our environment through air or water and increase environmental pollution.

5. Combustion and smoke The increase in various types of gases and smoke by kitchen, industries, means of transport etc. increases air pollution, which harms our environment.

6. Use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the agricultural sector The use of various types of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for agricultural work has increased pollution. Pesticides and fertilizers contribute to water and soil pollution by mixing in rivers and soil through rainwater. Phenol, methoxychlor etc. are the main examples of pesticides and fertilizers.

7. Excessive cutting of trees / destruction of forests As a result of destruction of forests, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere decreases, because forests / trees maintain the balance of oxygen in the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing vital oxygen. Therefore, forest destruction is a major factor of environmental pollution.

8. Increase in various physical amenities At present, various types of poisonous gases are released from ACs, refrigerators etc., due to which there is an increase in environmental pollution. The CFC gas that comes out of this is a prime example.

 9. Means of Transport Means of transport at present; For example, there has been an unprecedented increase in cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, ships, etc. These means include various toxic gases from the combustion of petrol and diesel; For example, carbon dioxide, methane etc. are released and due to their movement and noise generated from the horn, air and noise pollution respectively increase.

10. Pollution by radioactive substances Nuclear energy, nuclear tests etc. include radioactive substances in the atmosphere, which is a major factor of environmental pollution. This factor has a special effect on the flora and fauna of the environment.

11. Garbage in water bodies and shed dead bodies in urban and rural areas due to the problem of immersion of garbage. And the dead bodies of animals are thrown into the water, due to which along with water pollution, air pollution also increases.

effects of environmental pollution

 Environmental pollution impact human life in the following ways

1. Many types of diseases arise in humans due to polluted environment. Diseases like peni polio, typhoid, paralysis etc. are caused due to environmental pollution.

2. Due to pollution in various components of the environment like rivers, ponds, lakes etc., diseases also spread among animals.

3. Toxic substances reach the roots of plants through water and harm them.

4. Due to the greenhouse effect caused by environmental pollution, the temperature of the earth is increasing continuously.

effects of environmental pollution

5. The fertility of the land is being reduced by environmental pollution. This adversely affects the growth of crops.

6. Radiation exposure to radioactive substances causes genetic disorders in humans.

effects of environmental pollution

7. If external chemical or acidic elements are mixed in water in less or more quantity than the appropriate limit, then the water remains unfit for drinking.

effects of environmental pollution

8. Environmental pollution reduces the amount of oxygen in the air and increases the amount of carbon dioxide, due to which various diseases are born.

effects of environmental pollutions

9. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides pollutes the important component of the environment ‘soil’. Soil pollution damages the ecosystem.

Measures for prevention/control of environmental pollution

Environmental pollutions is a serious problem. At present, all the countries of the world are worried about this problem and are trying to solve it. Following efforts are being made to solve this problem in India and the world.

1. Use of high chimney for exhausting smoke in industries and domestic level.

2. To remove the waste material, water etc. from industries and factories only after being completely treated.

3. Establishment of factories and industries away from residential area.

4. To get vehicles checked from time to time for the prevention of vehicular pollution.

5. Minimize fuel consumption, do not waste unnecessary fuel.

6. Use of biofertilizers in agriculture.

7. To promote environment friendly fuel like CNG, LPG etc. as transportation fuel.

8. Establishment of cow dung gas plants for fuel in rural areas.

9. Planting more and more trees by controlling deforestation to Motivate.

10. Nuclear testing and explosives should be banned.

By implementing all these measures, the problem of environmental pollution can be reduced gradually. For this everyone has to work together.

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