Bio Pollution- Causes and Effects of Bio-pollution

Bio Pollution Definition

The formation of biosphere on earth is widespread in the form of lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Humans, insects and plants and plants come in the important components of the biosphere. Humans are an important species of the biosphere. Man performs and conducts various activities in the biosphere to fulfill his unlimited needs. Human activities are causing imbalance in the biosphere. This biological imbalance is taking the form of a serious problem for mankind in the form of bio pollution.

Bio-pollution is being used as a bio-weapon in modern times. In recent times, the motive behind sending envelopes of pathogenic micro-organisms has been to create a state of panic in the hostile countries regarding the diseases, causing chaos there.

Causes and Effects of Bio-pollution

Humans have polluted the biosphere by the following activities.

1. Overgrazing – The biosphere is getting polluted due to overgrazing in the agricultural sector.

2. jhuming farming – doing agriculture at that place by cutting forests and when the nutrients necessary for agriculture are exhausted in that land, then cutting the forests of some other place and doing agriculture there is called jhuming agriculture. The biosphere is also affected by jhuming agriculture.

3. Deforestation – In order to increase its development, humans are cutting forests indiscriminately, due to which adverse effects are being generated on nature.

4. Burning of trees – Burning of trees emits many air pollutant gases, due to which the biosphere is also polluted.

5. Soil Erosion – Due to the cutting of trees, there is soil erosion, due to which the top layer of the land gets washed away. Due to this the actual structure of the land is destroyed and the biosphere is polluted.

6. Degradation of Organisms – Different types of organisms act as biodegraders in the environment. When there is a decline of these organisms, then in that situation also the biosphere gets polluted.

7. Hunting of animals – Human beings have threatened their existence by hunting different types of organisms for the satisfaction of their needs. The unfavorable condition of these biodiversity has also polluted the biosphere.

Control and Measures on Bio-pollution

1. Plantation – Plantation is a favorable condition for controlling bio-pollution, because trees maintain the balance between the components in the biosphere.

2. Sustainable Agriculture – In the field of agriculture, Jhuming agriculture should be converted into sustainable agriculture, so that burning or clearing of forests can be avoided for farming.

3. Soil Conservation – In the context of curbing soil erosion, there is a need to plant trees in abundance, as well as excessive pasteurization should be stopped.

4. Creating awareness – Awareness should be created among the people regarding bio-conservation, since the precious wealth of the earth is its biodiversity and awareness programs should be run among the people for its conservation.

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