Russian Revolution of 1905 AD -Russian Revolution 1905 causes and effects-Causes of the 1905 Russian Revolution essay

Russian Revolution of 1905 AD 

Russian Revolution causes

What caused the Russian Revolution

1. Autocratic rule of the Czars Tsar Nicholas II of Russia had deployed intelligence and police throughout the country to suppress the liberal sentiments of the people there. He was very autocratic and a staunch supporter of the divine rights of the king. He forced the non-Russians to become Russians and all. Strict restrictions were imposed on writing, speech and personal freedom. All these actions caused great discontent among the people of Russia.

2. The Czar’s Advocacy by the Clergy The Greek Catholic Church of Russia was also completely under the control of the Czar. The clergy of the church remained in favor of the Tsar’s repressive policies and autocracy. This was also a major cause of public anger.

3. Useless bureaucracy The government officials in Russia’s bureaucracy are very. They were unworthy, worthless, lavish, luxuriant and bribe-takers. They used to exploit and inhumane atrocities on the people of Russia to please the Tsar and get a prestigious position, due to this fear had spread among the people of Russia.

4. Russo-Japanese War Tired of the tsarist autocracy of Russia and coming under the influence of western ideas, the people of Russia started raising their voice for rights. The period of agitations, strikes, meetings, violent incidents etc. had started everywhere. The Russo-Japanese War (1904-05 AD) also took place at this time, in which the Russian army was very badly defeated. Due to this defeat, the people of Russia decided to uproot the tsarism from its roots. took.

Russian Revolution of 1905 AD 

Important Events of the Revolution of 1905

  1. Incident of Bloody Sunday In Russia, at the beginning of the 20th century, the officers of the Tsar-Emperor used to torture and exploit common citizens on a large scale. In 1904-05, Russia was defeated by a small country like Japan. Enraged and enraged by all these things, on January 22, 1905, many workers gathered in the fort of St. Petersburg to present their demands, but without paying heed to their demands, these workers were fired upon by the soldiers as per the orders of the Tsar. . This incident happened on Sunday. Therefore, in the history of Russia, it is known as Bloody Sunday Kem. The incident brought the Czar into disrepute, leading to riots throughout Russia.

Important Events of the Revolution of 1905

2. Announcement of Reforms by the Tsar Frightened by the escalating situation of the rebellions, the Czar announced some reforms. In such a situation, the Tsar made a declaration on October 30, 1905. According to this declaration, restrictions on speech, writing and interaction were removed and comprehensive reforms were promised. The franchise was expanded to elect the Duma. The public was greatly pleased with these announcements, but in no time the tyranny of the Czar again increased. In December 1905, a fierce rebellion took place even before the Duma session in Moscow. This rebellion proved to be a terrible event. While suppressing the rebellion by force, the soldiers put to death about 5000 people. In this way the rebellion was pacified but the repressive policy of the government became completely clear.

Important Events of the Revolution of 1905

3. Meeting of the First Duma (1906 AD) After the Tsar allowed the convening of the National Assembly of the Duma, its election was held in March-April. Happened in 1906. The first Duma session was held on May 10, 1906. The life of the First Duma was short and tumultuous. This was because the objectives of the different political parties of the Duma were contradictory. The government took advantage of this contradiction. The struggle of the Duma with the government began at the time of the first session itself. The Duma tried to establish control over the executive, but the Tsar opposed it. The Czar dissolved it after two months and took all the rights in his hands. Further, in the second session of the Duma (March 5, 1907) and the third session (November 14, 1907) there was widespread contradiction among the political parties. There was a lack of unity among them. The Tsar again took advantage of this and suppressed the revolution, this revolution may have been unsuccessful for some time, but it had prepared the basis for the revolution of 1917 AD.

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