Meaning of individualism – what is individualism

Meaning of individualism

Meaning of Individualism – The originator of individualism is Locke, Mill Herbert Spencer. This theory is based on the ideology that the state is for the individual, not the individual for the state. The interests of the individual cannot be sacrificed for the sake of the state, because the state cannot have a separate purpose and function. The state is based on power and violence. If he uses his power, then it violates the rights and freedoms of the person, as a result, the person suffers more than this, so the individualists consider the state a necessary evil and give the child to leave the person alone. Let him develop himself on the basis of his experience and knowledge, the state should not interfere in his path.

Along with considering the state as a necessary evil, individualists also believe that the state is such an evil, without which the work of the individual cannot work because the state is needed to save the individuals in the activities of thieves, dacoits, murderers etc. work is prohibitive. It is not his job to do for the welfare of the person, the person knows his good and bad very well. Therefore the state should at least intervene in his life. Dr. Garner has written – According to individualists, the existence of the state is based on the presence of crimes. Therefore, the main function of the state becomes to protect and prevent, there is no longer the residence and progress of the individual.

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Meaning of individualism

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