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Meaning of citizen

In ancient Greece, a city dweller was called a citizen. At that time there were small city-states in Greece. The person who resides within the limits of the city-state and takes part in the affairs of the state, he was called a citizen. Aristotle said – “A citizen is a person who has got some share in the governance of the state and who can enjoy the respect bestowed by the state.” was not called. For example, slaves also lived in the city but they could not be called citizens. The above explanation of the citizen cannot go anywhere. In the modern era, citizen is taken with a wider meaning. We citizens would call him a person who enjoys political and social rights and who is devoted to the state. There are three types of people in every state – foreigners, slaves and citizens. Foreigners do not have political rights. Slaves do not get both political and social rights. Therefore, it cannot be kept in the category of citizen. In the category of citizen, only such person can come who, being a member of the state, enjoys political and social rights.

Some scholars have given the definition of citizen as follows –

According to Buttle, “citizens are members of society and are made up of society by certain duties who are under the control of society and who continuously enjoy the facilities offered by society,

Type of citizen 

There are three types of citizens –

1. Congenital and natural citizenship – (i) Principle of blood and descent (ii) Principle of place of birth (iii) Mixed or dual principle

 2.  state or artificial citizenship

3. Citizenship obtained by native – on this basis citizenship is granted according to the law of the country and the arrangement given in the constitution.

Meaning of citizen

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Type of citizen

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