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liberty and equality

Conflict between the two results in wrong definitions

There are mainly two views about the mutual relation of liberty and equality – according to one they are both opposites and according to the other they are complementary to each other. The main proponents of the first opinion are Lord Acton and the French writer de Taqabil. Lord Acton has said that “the hope of freedom has been futile because of the fervent desire for equality.” If equality is taken to mean treating everyone equally, then the statement of Lord Acton will be completely true. If the meaning of freedom is Be it that every person can do whatever he wants without control for the fulfillment of his desires, then it is clear that by treating everyone equally, the freedom of all will be destroyed, no one will be able to behave according to his will. If everyone is free, then the stronger and smarter people will have more power, wealth and glory than others, and if everyone is treated equally, then no one will be able to do anything arbitrarily. What we mean by this is that even if a person gets full opportunity to develop his natural powers and talents, there will be a contradiction between liberty and equality. People have different powers, so if everyone is treated equally, then in reality only free will those persons to whom that behavior will suit And everyone’s freedom will be destroyed. For example, if you put all the children in a military school, then those who have military talent, they will develop and they can be really independent, but for the students who are capable of being musicians, painters or scientists, then that school becomes a prison. and they will not be able to enjoy freedom in the true sense

liberty equality complement each other

Therefore, we will be able to understand the mutual relation of liberty and equality only if we keep their correct definitions in view. A person should get the opportunity to develop his innate powers and qualities, this is freedom and everyone should get equal opportunities, this is equality. In this sense both are complementary to each other. If some people in the society get more facilities for happiness and development than others, then it is clear that those who get less facilities will lag behind in development and cannot be happy. There are few people in our country today who are fortunate. Got a good education. Worldly pleasures are more available to them, as well as their intelligence and The character has also developed. On the other hand there are crores of illiterate men and women. Who can say that if these people also get a good education, then among them there cannot be philosophers, artists, musicians, scientists or administrators of a high order. It is clear that these people are not free in the true sense.

freedom impossible without equality

What is more important is that the people who have got special rights and facilities in the society, they try to suppress the rights of others by becoming more powerful and influential. In our society educated people cast their terror and influence on uneducated and rich people on poverty and in real life poor and uneducated people can’t even benefit from the rights which are given to them by the state. In our country formally everyone has the right to vote, stand in elections and get government office according to merit, but in practice what is the value of these rights for an illiterate and poor man? As we see that only rich and educated people win in elections and only educated people reach high government posts. Similarly, if in a state some people have the right to vote and stand in elections and the rest of the citizens are deprived of it, then the power of the state will fall in the hands of those few privileged persons and they can use them to exploit and oppress others. will do for Therefore, establishing equality in any one area does not work. In relation to personal, political and civil rights, it is necessary to have equality, as well as economic equality. There is political and civil equality in our country, but there is a great disparity in education, social life and economic field. This is the reason that the freedom and equality provided by the Constitution has no real value in the lives of the majority of the people.

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