Duties of Citizens- duty to the state – Duties of citizens

Duties of Citizens

duty to oneself

The first duty of a person is towards himself, he should try for his physical, mental, economic, political and moral progress. He should get more and more knowledge, thirdly he should try for his economic progress, he should give up his selfishness and behave with sympathy and dutifulness towards everyone.

duty to family

A person is the debtor of the family, when the child is born in the family, he does not know anything to speak, walk, sit, eat or drink, in such a state, if the family does not take proper care of him, then he will not be able to survive. Protect him from heat, rain etc. His mentality should work for the convenience of all the members, he should sacrifice personal interests for the benefit of his family.

duty towards society

Society is the protector of the life of the individual, it fulfills all his needs, develops him He should not do any such work which is harmful to the society.

duty to the state

obey the law

The state makes laws for the establishment of peace and order for the development of the individual and for the protection of rights.

pay tax

To run the work of the state, money is needed, this money is received by the state from the public and it is the duty of the citizens to pay the state taxes on time and also ask other citizens to pay taxes which are state employees. Go to collect and help them do that stealing is a traitor to the country, such a person should try to get punished but if any tax is unjust then do not pay it and it is also the duty of the citizen to oppose it

Country Love

It is an important duty of a citizen to have love for the country and always be ready for its progress and security. It will fall on the citizen, the citizen should serve the country even after being recruited in the army of the country

fair use of vote

In democratic countries, governments are formed on the basis of voting, so it is the duty of every citizen to use his vote with fairness and honesty, he should always give his vote only to the qualified candidate, he should be educated among the caste fraternity and other people. Vote should be used on the basis of the call of one’s soul, only then can a clean democratic government be established in the real sense.

Duties of Citizens

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