The main reasons for the revolt of the Netherlands

The rebellion that Philip II had to face was the rebellion of the Netherlands, the main reasons for this rebellion are

(1)political reasons

Philip II wanted to unify the various provinces of the Netherlands, so he took away the rights of the feudal lords there and by destroying the influence of the city councils made both pure and incapacitated. appointed his pro-Spanish persons to the high posts of

economic reasons

The Netherlands was a very rich, rich and prosperous country, there was no economic crisis, various types of taxes were imposed by Charles V on the subjects here, which were opposed by the residents there, due to the death of Charles V. But Philip became the ruler there.

religious reasons

Spain’s Emperor Philip Earth was raised and educated according to the principles of Catholicism, so he had great faith and love for Catholicism in his intellect, he did whatever he could to spread Catholicism around, he religiously Established a large number of courts and inflicted heavy atrocities on the subjects of the Netherlands by those courts, as a result of those atrocities, the people of the Netherlands revolted against Philip’s rule.

personal reason

The people of the Netherlands considered Philip II to be a foreigner, they considered Charles V as their own because Charles V’s childhood was spent there and he also had a lot of sympathy with the Netherlands, on the contrary, Philip II’s short time was spent in Spain. what happened was not his own for them

The main reasons for the revolt of the Netherlands

incidents of rebellion

Therefore, the inhabitants of the Netherlands started a strong revolution, under the influence of the President’s religion, started destroying the Catholic Church statues and monasteries. In 1556 AD, their rebellion appeared in a very fierce form by the rebels destroying the world famous Church of Etawerp. Given Philip II sent his commander in chief, Alva, to brutally suppress the duke’s rebels 

The main reasons for the revolt of the Netherlands

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The main reasons for the revolt of the Netherlands

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