Renaissance of Europe- Renaissance in Europe

Renaissance in Europe

The center of the Renaissance in Europe was Italy, which was economically very prosperous. The wave of Renaissance from Italy spread to other countries of Europe as well. Italy and England were particularly affected by this wave of Renaissance.

Renaissance in Italy

Many Greek scholars and thinkers were forced to leave their country as a result of the atrocities committed by the Turks on the Greeks. Many Greek scholars and thinkers, troubled by the anarchic condition of Kustunians, took refuge in Italy. At that time Italy was a prosperous country in Europe. Greek scholars and thinkers got the opportunity to spread their ideas after taking refuge here. After the arrival of these scholars in Italy, books written by many Greek writers were translated into Latin. Apart from this, many schools were established by these scholars for the study of Latin Vainani language.

The people of Italy were greatly influenced by the works of these scholars. After the arrival of Greek scholars in Italy, special progress was made in Greek and Latin literature. Kustunnis was a famous center of education before the invasion of the Turks, but after the invasion of the Turks, Italy became a major center of education after the Greek scholars fled to Italy.

During this, two states of Italy – Florence and Rome – especially progressed. The main reason for this was that in 1453 AD, many of the scholars who had migrated from Kustuntunia had settled in Florence. Many schools were established by these scholars. As a result of the efforts of these scholars, the city of Florence in Italy became a famous center of education. Rome became the second center of education in Italy. In Rome also many scholars had taken refuge by fleeing from Kustuntuniya. Pope Nicholas V provided generous patronage to these scholars. With the special grace of the Pope, a huge library was established here, which became famous as the Vatican.

renaissance in england

The wave of renaissance also reached England. In the 15th century, individuals such as Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester and Tiftoft, Earl of Pastor were highly influenced by Renaissance ideology. Apart from this, the roots of the Renaissance movement in England were also established in Oxford and Cambridge universities. Some students of Oxford University went to Italy to study and after coming from there they started reading Greek literature in a new way at Oxford. John Colette, a merchant’s son, took up teaching when he returned from Italy after studying. He openly criticized the evils of the Pope and the clergy and contributed to the establishment of many schools, through which considerable help was received in the spread of new ideas.

Renaissance of Europe

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Renaissance of Europe

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