Boston Tea Party Boston Tea Party Summary

Boston Tea Party

In 1773, the East India got the right to send tea directly to America by the East India, and the residents of America entered a ship at the port of Boston and threw 340 tea boxes into the sea, copying the British from this incident. Anger ensued and he understood that now America would revolt, to quell the rebellion, applied troops to all the colonies and closed the port of Boston for trade. Uwek fixed the Canadian border to the Ohio River. The facility was given, which made the Puritans even more angry. Initially, the government of England was hesitant to take strict action against the people of America because of the sympathy of England towards the people of America and the government was of the view that if America adopts Dread, then it will happen. But only keep an eye, because this struggle will not last long and will end continuously, but due to the Boston incident, the government of England was forced to take strict action.

The British government considered the Boston Tea Party incident as an insult and the criminals were punished severely.

The colonists opposed this repression policy. In 1774, a meeting was held in Philadelphia. In this meeting, a resolution was passed to negotiate with the English government, but George Tirtiya did not consider it appropriate to talk to the opponents, and now the Americans decided to go to war.

Boston Tea Party

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