America Declaration of Independence – Declaration of Independence text

America Declaration of Independence 

A meeting of the colonists was held again in which all the provinces were named as the United States of America, with the signatures of all the representatives of each state, the Declaration of Independence was issued on July 4, 1776 AD, in this declaration it was said that God has given everything. Human beings have been made equal, God has given them some such rights which no one can take away from them, these rights include efforts for life, freedom and happiness, there it was also said in the letter that because the British government committed a lot of atrocities on the American people. Therefore and the citizens of the United States of America request the Supreme Judge of the world that we are now residents of a free state and we have been freed from allegiance to the British monarch and we do not have any kind of political relationship left between us and Britain. Therefore, they are free to make official decisions in war, peace treaty, trade and all other matters which are the rights of an independent state.

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