International Child Emergency Fund

International Child Emergency Fund

UNICEF was established in New York in November 1946 by 20 founding members to solve the problems of child development and child health in the world. It currently has a membership of 188. In the year 1953, this institution was given a permanent form. Its head office is in New York.

International Child Emergency Fund

Key functions of UNICEF


1. Economic, social, to meet the minimum and mandatory needs of children in underdeveloped and developing nations
To provide political and other support.
2. Child health development and proper and necessary nutrition to them.
Providing necessary support to make available.
3. Hospitals and training centers for child health protection
To cooperate in the establishment of.
4. Maternity homes and mother and mother at the time of various natural disasters
To arrange for the safety of the baby.
5. For the treatment and prevention of fatal diseases of children.
To step up.
6. Making various programs of child development and their appropriate
To arrange staff training for implementation.

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