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Revolution of America (1776–83 AD)

American Revolution Summary

 America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 AD. Many Europeans (Spain, Holland, Portugal) were attracted to it with the aim of gaining trade profits, gold and silver, but only England got success in 1607 AD. Under the leadership of Christopher 120 Britishers named James Tyne in the Virginia region. Installed. By 1775 AD slowly .. settlements were established. The period from 1713 to 1763 AD developed. All things of America during this period
Prices rose sharply in Europe and England, due to which the Americans began to prosper, large scale imports of books, newspapers and magazines increased the level of knowledge among the people of America. They were no longer in a position to be slaves for long. He began to raise his voice for freedom. The 13 colonies of America revolted against England of Jazz Washington in 1776 AD. The cycle of this rebellion continued 1783. The rebellion that started from these colonies took the form of the American independence-movement. In history, this revolution is known as ‘America’s Revolution’. The happy result of this revolution was that America became completely independent.

American revolution Washington of role in the revolution

 George Washington played a very important role in the American Revolution. Washington, also served as general and Justice of the Peace. Washington prepared his army in such a way that he could take on the mighty and well-equipped army of England.
Due to his army, he defeated the British forces on many fronts and finally the British had to accept the treaty of Paris and the independence of 13 colonies. The United States’ was thus born on July 4, 1789, through the relentless efforts of George Washington.  George Washington became its first president. He died on December 14, 1799, becoming the President of the United States.

American Revolution causes

What caused the American Revolution

 Defective governance

In the US, in the 13 colonies of England, the rule of England was very exploitative and every colony had an English governor and there was an assembly. These local matters in which the elected members of the colony used to make rules and regulations, but their mutual Due to the interest there were conflicts between the elected members of the British Legislative Assembly. The high posts, the British were appointed, the American people were considered ineligible to hold high positions, which led to the rise of the American people and they united to get rid of British rule.


 Economic Exploitation

 The colonies to the extreme extent by the British government Was being exploited. The British government had introduced various trade laws in the colonies, which were getting maximum benefit from Britain, but such rules were proving to be a hindrance in the development of the colonies. As such, their main produce cotton, tobacco and sugar could be exported only to England, the people of the colonies could not produce iron goods, bricks etc.


  American public’s desire for independence

The rulers who colonized America had been living for about 150 years. Initially, after facing many difficulties, he became self-sufficient to fulfill his needs. The colonists felt that it was not profitable for them to live under the protection of England. Hence, he now wanted to sever ties with England.

The Government of England had imposed heavy taxes on the business deals of the inhabitants of the colony, due to which the public was very angry and dissatisfied. In view of the feeling of rebellion among the people, it was decided by the Government of England to keep a permanent army in the colony and the expenditure of their maintenance was borne by the colonies. To meet these expenses by passing the Stamp Act by the British Parliament. The colonists were taxed extra. The colonies strongly opposed it and even the tax collecting officers were killed.


 Philosophers influence

 In this period, the American people were different philosophers; Such as Locke, Tomas Penn, Jefferson and Milton etc. were influenced by ideas. Due to the influence of his ideas, political consciousness developed in him, which later took the form of revolution.


 American Revolution People from other countries settle down


  •  Other countries of Europe gradually in America; For example, people of France, Spain, Holland, Ireland etc. also came and started living. All these people came here and settled against the policies of England. Therefore, all these people fully supported America in this revolution.


  Boston Massacre

In 1770, there was a war in Boston city between American citizens and British soldiers. In this war, many American civilians were killed by bullets fired by British soldiers. The incident increased anger among American citizens.


Main events of the American Revolution

America’s Revolution Assembly of Massachusetts

All colonies organized a meeting in Massachusetts to solve their problems. Representatives in this assembly strongly opposed that the British Parliament enacted laws regarding the taxing of the American colonies, while the British Parliament did not have a single representative of the colonies. Therefore, it was announced in this assembly that – if not representation, then no taxation (no taxation without representation) this protest had a significant effect that Britain repealed the Stamp Act by Parliament, but Britain taxed the colonies. Retained the right to apply. Later, it started to protest. Eventually, due to their increasing performance, all taxes were abolished by England, but tea was allowed to be taxed.

 Boston Tea Party Event

 The opposition to the tax on tea was increasing in America. In 1773, when the tea-laden England ships arrived at the Port of Boston, the Americans entered the tea-laden ships and threw the tea boxes into the sea, a phenomenon known in American history as the Boston Tea Party. . After this incident, Boston’s port was closed for business by the British government. This sparked rebellion. The beginning of the American freedom struggle is believed to be from this event. Importance of the incident The British government, outraged by this incident, launched a severe repression cycle against the inhabitants of the colonies. As a result, the American colonies also declared themselves independent and a war of independence began in America. this
The Americans eventually won the war.

  Philadelphia Conference

 In 1774 AD, all the representative countries of the British colonies organized the First Continent Conference in Philadelphia. The conference demanded the removal of the taxes levied on the industries and trade of the colonies and a memorandum was sent to George III. The King and Parliament of England considered the memorandum a symbol of revolution and started sending troops to suppression. The colonies also formed a permanent army for their protection. As a result of this, the freedom struggle started in 1775 AD at a place called  Lamington in Massachusetts.

  Start of freedom struggle


The colonies organized the Second Continental Conference in July 4, 1776. In this conference, the announcement of complete independence was announced. The freedom movement started with this declaration, which lasted until 1783 AD. In 1777, the British army at Saratoga laid down arms in front of George Washington. In 1781 AD, the British commander Lord Cornwallis was badly defeated in  Yorktown.. Finally, in 1783 AD, after the treaty of Paris, the United States of America was born and in 1789 AD. In America, the written constitution was prepared.

 American Revolution Achievements or results of American revolution


 American Revolution First written constitution

After the freedom struggle in America. The first written constitution was implemented. After this, the written constitution was also followed by other countries of the world.

American Revolution Establishment of republic


This revolution opened the way for the establishment of a republican system of governance. This revolution gave the world the message of “rule of the people, for the people by the people”. Most countries of the world were affected by this and established a republican system.

  Revolution started in other countries


The success of the American Revolution encouraged many countries of the world to revolution; Like the Revolution of France.

Civil war and abolition of slavery

 After this revolution in America, the civil war ended and the abolition of slavery was done by Abraham Lincoln.

  America’s Revolution Rise of the united states


Due to America’s freedom struggle, 13 colonies were freed by Britain, which. Together, a new nation called the United States was created.

  America’s Revolution Importance of equality and freedom

 With the establishment of the Republic in America, equality and freedom of the individual was established, it served as an inspiration for all the countries of the world.

  American Revolution Liberality in the policy of the British

 As a result of the American Revolution Due to the withdrawal of the colonies, the British government followed a policy of leniency towards their colonies.

  American Revolution Federal government system 

As a result of this revolution, federal governance was adopted in America. In this system, the center of power is in the hands of the federal government. The powers related to the states were given to the governments of the states. This system was followed by many countries of the world.


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