Environmental pollution-effects of environmental pollution- Causes to environmental pollution

Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution Essay The word environment is made up of two words ‘pari’ and ‘avar’ of Hindi language. The word ‘pari’ means to surround and ‘cover’ means to cover or encircle, i.e., the word ‘environment’ literally means covering or enclosing all around, including earth, water, air, sky, flora and fauna. Animals etc come. Thus, “environment … Read more

Solid Waste Pollution-Solid waste pollution definition- Types of solid waste-Solid waste pollution solutions

Solid Waste Pollution

Solid waste pollution definition Unwanted substances remaining after human consumption, which are direct or indirectly affect the environment, is called solid waste – and this phenomenon is called solid waste pollution. Several tonnes of solid waste are discharged daily by the industries. Apart from this, tons of garbage are dumped in rivers or seas every … Read more

Bio Pollution- Causes and Effects of Bio-pollution

Bio Pollution

Bio Pollution Definition The formation of biosphere on earth is widespread in the form of lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Humans, insects and plants and plants come in the important components of the biosphere. Humans are an important species of the biosphere. Man performs and conducts various activities in the biosphere to fulfill his unlimited needs. … Read more

Nuclear Pollution-Nuclear pollution causes-Types of nuclear pollution-Control of nuclear pollution-Nuclear pollution prevention

Nuclear Pollution

Nuclear Pollution Definition Uranium and Thorium are known as the basic minerals of nuclear energy. Even a small amount of these minerals produces a lot of energy. This energy is produced using high quality techniques, but sometimes due to mismanagement or disorder in a nuclear powered plant, a catastrophic explosion or accident also occurs. Nuclear … Read more

Russian Revolution – Russian Revolution causes

Russian Revolution

 Russian Revolution Russia was ruled by an autocratic tsarist rule for a long time. The autocratic Tsar rulers of Russia believed in the divine principle of kingship. He believed that the Tsar was the background monopoly of Russia and that he was not responsible to anyone in the world. 👉Russian Revolution of 1905 At the … Read more

Russian Revolution 1917 – Russian Revolution causes- Results of Russian Revolution, 1917

Russian Revolution 1917

Russian Revolution 1917 Russian Revolution of 1917 AD (The Russian Revolution of 1917 AD during the reign of dictator Nicholas II (1895-1917 AD) is one of the most important events in history. The public had become aware of the repressive policies of Nicholas II. The working class was also a big power. In the war … Read more

Russian Revolution of 1905 AD -Russian Revolution 1905 causes and effects-Causes of the 1905 Russian Revolution essay

Russian Revolution of 1905 AD

Russian Revolution of 1905 AD  Russian Revolution causes What caused the Russian Revolution 1. Autocratic rule of the Czars Tsar Nicholas II of Russia had deployed intelligence and police throughout the country to suppress the liberal sentiments of the people there. He was very autocratic and a staunch supporter of the divine rights of the … Read more

Thirty Years War Meaning – Thirty Years War causes 

Thirty Years' War

Meaning of the Thirty Years’ War what treaty ended the thirty years’ war in 1648 The Thirty Years’ War was an international war. In this war, apart from Emperor Ferdinand II of Germany’s states, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland also participated, this war affected the whole of Europe. There was terrible destruction in this war. … Read more

Frederick the great – Frederick the Great cause of death

Frederick the great

Introduction to Fredrik the Great In 1740 AD, the ruler of Prussia, William I, died, so his son became the ruler of Prussia by the name of Fredrik II. As soon as Frederick II became the ruler, he handled the administrative work with competence and skill and was so impressed by his excellent work among … Read more

industrial revolution- Industrial Revolution summary-Causes of Industrial Revolution-Industrial Revolution meaning

industrial revolution

industrial revolution Describe the causes and consequences of industrial revolution Consequences and Effects of Industrial Revolution – Industrial Revolution is considered an important event in world history. Although this revolution was initiated in England, but soon this revolution took a wide form and took the major countries of the whole world under its sphere of … Read more

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